Networking & Security

Networth Security System IT is a leading Network Support offering reliable and on-time Network Support services. Any Downtime to your office Network can cause major damage and costs money and we offer highly stable Network preventative service to minimize system break down and failures. Our services are tailored made that brings the performance and expertise together so that you'll benefit from the fastest performing network for your budget.

Network Design and Installation

We can help you with the following network design and installation solutions:

  • LAN/WAN setup
  • Computer Network design
  • Network Backup solutions
  • Network Design consultancy
  • Manageable and unmanageable switches installation and configuration
  • Wireless network set up – Wireless Routers, Access Points, Wireless Routers and Network Cards
  • Server set up
  • Troubleshoot Network issues
  • Network Performance Analysis

IT Security

Introducing Secure IT, our answer to cyber security threats in the business world today.

Cyber Security threats and malware have reached a new chapter in the business world today. In the past, attackers demonstrated a technical prowess by gaining access to data or systems and wreaking minor havoc on networks. In recent years, however, the aim, scope and number of cyber security attacks has changed dramatically. Large criminal enterprises have focused on the monetization of these technical skillsets.

Malware today is designed is designed by highly trained and disciplined companies to be undetected and more portable than ever before. The goal of the attacks has also changed from simply gaining access, to actually extracting data. Attacks on larger enterprises may target customer data with the intent to steal identities for sale, where attacks on smaller businesses frequently target data as a source of ransom.

We provide end-to-end cyber security solutions covering the following:

  • Advanced malware protection
  • Data center & perimeter protection
  • Network risk assessment
  • Security monitoring and management services (SIEM & SOC)
  • Host & end point security
  • Cloud & virtualization security
  • Security device management