and Rack Cable Management

Structured Cabling
The backbone of your entire network

The cable infrastructure in your office or building is a critical component of your entire network. Proper planning, design, installation, termination, testing, commissioning, labeling and maintenance of this infrastructure can have a positive impact on your company’s day-to-day operations and can contribute to its success.

A full-service provider, our start-to-finish approach includes the following:

  • Consultation
  • Site Survey
  • Design/Engineering
  • Materials Supply
  • Installation
  • Certification
  • Maintenance

All your sites will receive high-quality design, consistent workmanship, and proven equipment.

This infrastructure is intended to serve a wide range of uses. We conform to the following codes and standards:

Generic Cabling for Customer Premises in conformance to International Organization for Standardization / International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/ IEC) 11801, Telecommunications Cabling for Customer Premises, Pathways -Spaces,Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers, Optical Fiber Cabling Components Standard, and Balanced Twisted Pair Telecommunications Cabling and Components Standard in conformance, to American National Standards Institute / Telecommunications Industry Association (ANSI/TIA-568-c, 569-B,942, 568-C.3, and 568-c.2

Why Use Structured Cabling?

  • Consistency
  • Long Life
  • Simplify Moves / Adds / Changes
  • Simplify Troubleshooting
  • Support for Future Applications

Rack Cable Management

Whether you are upgrading your current infrastructure or designing a new installation, trust the experts at CPI to deliver the most comprehensive line of Cable Management Products in the industry. CPI Cable Management manages and maintains the cables and cords that provide the critical support, reliability and flexibility needed to sustain and grow your network capabilities.

Vertical Cable Management

  • Motive™ Vertical Cable Manager
  • Evolution® Vertical Cable Manager
  • Velocity® Cable Manager

Horizontal Cable Management  

  • Evolution® Horizontal Cable Manager
  • Velocity® Cable Manager
  • Universal Horizontal Cable Manager